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    vx110 rpms too high?

    hi guys-new member here. 3 yrs ago when we got our new to us ski, i came across this site and got some awesome tips on winterizing, so figured i'd join as there seems to be tons of knowledge on this site for sure. so, 05 vx110, about 125 hours. we have owned it for the past 3 yrs (bought from original owner on my lake). Anyways, getting ready to pull it out and store it, and after my ride i'm wondering if my rpms are too high. idles at about 1800, at 4K only doing about 6mph, at 5K doing 18mph, ant 6K doing about 38 mph, and if i peg it i'm at about 7500 right at the bottom of red line and it bumps up just a tad now and then close to 8. Pegged i'm doing 46 mph. So, i need to admit i'm a skier and i'm the original owner of a 99 nautique...don't flame for that! ( i know skiers and jet skiers don't normally get along, but my fam has put about 40 hours on the ski this summer and only 3 on the boat so heck yeah, we love our vx! ) We have had absolutely NO problems with the vx since we have owned it. We don't beach it as it sits on our shore on a ramp. Not sure how accurate the rpm gauges on these really are, but getting up to red line scares me a bit. On the nautique when i'm at WOT i'm not even close to redline. So, if they seem in check, no worries. If i'm up there to raise some concerns, where would l look for the cause? (be gentle-i've restored 2 vintage mustangs and love to wrench on stuff, but these are a bit different for sure. I know where the impeller is and the jet pump, which after some reading i'm thinking if there is a problem it will be at the impeller, but after that i'll need a little more "dummy language" if you know what i mean! Thanks all in advance

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    Nah you should be at 8000 at WOT an you should be seeing 50-52 MPH on GPS not dreamometer!
    Check air filter for oil and impeler clerance should be 0,35-0,45 mm...

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    thanks mata-appreciate the input for sure! pulling it out this weekend as i think our decent weather is gone, so i will check the air filter and clearance on the impeller. Good to know that is normal.

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