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    99' Xl 1200 top end rebuild

    Just found out I had one bad piston. Can you buy a top end kit without oem pistons? I see it says nikasil cylinders you must use OEM pistons? This true?

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    I should have a used OEM plated cylinder and 0 hour OEM piston. PM me.

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    I have a guy that is going to try and removed the possible aluminum build up in the cylinder. After I find out if it cleans up or not I'll see about getting that piston and cylinder. Can you run the WSM Platinum kit with oem nikasil cylinders do you know?

    I ran that on my Ultra 150 without any issues.

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    Muriatic acid will remove the aluminum from the nikasil plating of the bore but don't get any where else. It will eat any aluminum it comes in contact with. Which is everything but the plating

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    You can run any aftermarket piston in a good nikasil bore, even SBT pistons.

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    I have three 66v cylinders just about ready to go. Two are sleeved by SBT, and one is nikasil. I have the two SBT pistons to go with the sleeved jugs. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.

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