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    Ultra 150 hose Identifying pics inside

    Hey I got two issues one is this hose I donít know where it goes itís under seat by the way .second I changed oil lines now I donít see any oil in lines I primed the little screw and nothing

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    That's hose goes to your bilge nothing to do with your oil system. You are kinda concerning me since it not bleed correctly you will cause damage.

    Here's my

    Replace lines
    Premix fuel tank
    Start engine and open bleeder to bleed air from tank to pump
    Hold open oil pump cam/cable and watch lines fill up.

    Or you can use a syringe to fill each line but I would still recommend running first tank pre mixed.

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    I got the lines to fill up how long should I leave bleeder screw open for?

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    Not long

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