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    Gp1200r worx grate

    Hi guys I can get a wr218 word grate to replace my standard grate in my 2003 gp1200r just wondering if anyone has got one fitted and how it performs compared to stock. My ski sees a lot of ocean riding and little chop. Iím in ozz and can get a wor grate pretty quickly but before I grab it just want to make sure Iím not wasting cash. Cheers guys

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    I had a Worx grate on a 2001 GP1200R and it was great in the chop and ocean also had excellent hook up with hardly any cavitation but it was not great for top speed as it would buck at anything over 70mph

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    I have one and will be fine for what you want , better than the stock grate . I have a Single bar R&D grate , 2 bar R&D 1200 grate and an 2 bar R&D 800 grate as well as the Worx grate and a stocker . I have tested them all and now only use the 800 grate as itís faster . Itís personal choice really , whatís more important to you ? The Single bar scoops heaps of water and really loads the pump , but slows the ski more . The Worx grate is a good compromise.

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