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    Looking for 4" inlet/outlet XS or similar intercooler RXP

    Can anyone help. I have been looking for this elusive XS power intercooler. I went to the website XS engineering and there are no water to air intercoolers at that website. It is called a XS Intercooler right?

    I've tried ebay. There are some that are comparable but they are all 3 inch inlet and outlets and some don't even have the water inlet and outlet on the same side.

    Can someone help to steer me in the right direction.

    thanks Yellow, (looking for cheap 4 " in / out, with water inlet and outlets on the same side RXP intercooler)

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    Why 4 inch? the S/C and throttle body are 2.5 Riva and Pirhana Intercoolers are 2.5's. and the XS most people use are 3 inch with the water not on the same side. A 4 inch I/O I/C is going to be frikkin massive!
    you plan to drag it behind the boat on a dingy?

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    didn't realize the diameter was 2.5

    This is starting to make more sense. Ive seen some other brands that are
    3 inches, I guess now knowing that it woudn't actually cause a restriction by going with too small of a pipe, then it would be ok.

    Thanks for the info, that changes things now. Yellow

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    Core design is what is restrictive. 2.5 inch plumbing is actually good keeping velocity and boost pressures high.

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    yea it will take to more time to fill the 4" pipe... kinda like turbos, it will take longer to spool with big pipe.

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