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    2007 GTI

    Locally their is a 2007 GTI se 155 for sale with 214 hours on it. If it has been properly maintained how many more hours could someone reasonably expect to get out of it. It is at a reputable dealer so I would think they would go over it. Their asking $4300 pics look good but I gave not seen it in person.

    Also does anyone know how the 2007 GTI hull compares to the current one?

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    That’s a bit too much to pay for that imo. The motor is good for 500+ hours easy.

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    The price is just a tad high. In my area, it's worth around $3800.

    Not sure of the differences between the '07 and '18 hulls, but the '07 hull is a pretty good all around / general use hull.

    Of course, the '07's didn't have iBR; reverse is engaged via a lever.

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