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    Worst Video Ever About Waverunner Restoration

    This is one of the worst videos I've ever seen. Definitely a redneck mechanic! I caught myself saying things like:

    "You paid money for that pile of junk? Don't you know it will cost you money to haul it to the dump?"

    "It's not the starter, you moron!"

    "It's not the starter relay, either, you moron!"

    "Check the jet pump!"

    "Why are you pulling the head, you idiot?"

    "Check the jet pump, you fool!"

    "Gee, how many screws can you break off of that carburetor?"

    "Tightening the head bolts with an impact wrench?"

    "OMG, why are you revving it up with no flush hose?"

    "Riding it in a stock tank? How deep is that?"

    "Can't even get it on the trailer, where'd you learn to ride?"

    "Hope you car slides into the water!"

    "Hell, his wife doesn't even look before she turns!"

    Check it out, if you don't have anything better to do:

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    OMG...I can't believe I watched the whole video....amazed that he got it running...and it didn't sink...very entertaining though...Reading some of the posts here you would think it is rocket science working on a's easy, even a caveman could do it......

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