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    Question WTB - 1.8L drive shaft - damaged ok


    Part has been sourced successfully.
    Big thank you to the forum member whom'ed helped me, and another thanks to this great forum.


    Looking for a used/damaged Yamaha 1.8L impeller drive shaft.
    Years 2009-present, pretty much any 1.8L craft .... VXR, FZR, FX HO, SHO SVHO, GP1800, etc... will do.
    I'm actually only after the spline-end to use for a custom project ... can even chop/hack that end off to make shipping easier
    So that means the shaft can be bent, warp'ed, ding'ed, and/or messed-up impeller threads - so as long as the spline end is clean.
    Shoot me a PM with your desired cost shipped ground to Tampa FL - Thx !!
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