So after 10 years of riding my 2008 GTX LTD's upgraded to the GTX LTD 300's (love 'em). Now time to winterize (Michigan) and my 2017 service manual says the procedure is different from the older 4-TEC's.

Not sure about a few things.....
1. The inter-cooler hoses have opened to be blown out for condensation (got it) but do I leave it dry or add RV antifreeze?
2. When warming up the engine to change the oil do I hook up the water hose to the threaded fitting that are on either side? These are new to me as the fitting used to be behind the pump nozzle.
3. The older procedure was one used to pumped out all the supercharger oil with throttle held down (about three time to get all the oil out. Has this procedure changed with the newer blower?
4. Do I just compressed air blow the exhaust out (at the new to me fitting) or add RV antifreeze?

There just does not seem to be any new videos or online guidance on wintering these new engines yet.