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    Sticker residue removal from the plastic?


    Got a '16 PX 300, removed the ROTAX and XPS from the black fairings and its left quite a bit of sticky residue as exptected.

    Now normally i use methylated spirits on the actual ski, and wash it off no dramas, but these being what look to be just plain black plstic im a bit nervous ill end up woth a large spot/stain

    Some suggest the safest to be rubbing alcohol???
    also checked out de-solv-it, but they say its not safe on some plastics and to test which im a bit nervous to do

    also keeping min mind im from Australia, so may not have the same products as you guys

    pic for reference -

    Thanks in advance.
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    I use goo gone . It has worked well on my 18 RXT 300. Always test first though. Maybe pull them off and check it on the back of the faring.

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    thanks, updated OP with pic of area

    dont want to "blemish" the matt black plastic finish

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    I use Ronsonol lighter fluid. Never harmed any surface

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    Duct tape stuck and pulled back off will pick up most of it, then Goo-Gone.

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    Believe it or not but, WD-40!

    i just removed sticker residue off a WaveRunner purrrrfectly; peel sticker off, used a heavy rag soaked with Wd-40 to get off the excess adhesive; then, pressed and held a heavy rag soaked with Wd-40to “soak” and soften up the remaining. Once softened up, used the edge of an old credit card to really remove a good bit. Just kept alternating between rubbing with heavy WD40 and then scraping. No time at all can’t tell there was ever a sticker there (and the hull shines!).

    Best o’ Success!

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