Currently have gprxp running high 80 to low 90s reliably, time to change my setup to a holeshot monster. Here are some questions for the guys who have done it

Pump- will a 08 rxp/rxt pump work

speed- how much should I expect to loose

conversion parts- someone or somewhere still make the transom plate and driveshaft adaptors?

prop- what are your guys results for different props? Any suggestions

intake/pressure relief- opinion on different grates with the Seadoo setup, and what about pressure relief, can I take the ones I have off the 2” adaptor and put them in the Seadoo adaptor the same way?

Nozzle- I can have the sho nozzle I’m currently using machined to fit, correct?

cost- ????? (Pump currently $200 shipped)

Any input to help me either make the decision or abort, I have pump lined up currently and am ready to pull trigger.

As far as motor im running et68-140 Charger out to 8650 rpm