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    1998 Yamaha excited 270

    Hello everyone I have this boat that I bought from an older couple a few months back the boat was sitting for a while, not sure how long since the person I deal with wasn't sure and the owners are snow birds so they weren't around, but anyways, the boat runs fine at idle but as soon as in under throttle it bogs out and shuts off, I did do the carb kits on one engine but only gaskets and diaphram not the needle and seat and cleaned out the carbs with carb cleaner, but still the motor won't stay running...I do notice on the motor since I have the top cover off that I dont see much gas being sprayed onto 2 carbs, I can see on one a good amount of gas going in....can anyone help me out.... Thank you in advance...... And please no negative comments...

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    Welcome aboard, Baaba1975!

    No negative comments here, the Exciter 270 was the most fun boat Yamaha (or probably anybody) ever made!

    Did you clean the internal filters inside the carbs?

    A few other tips, check the oil lines for condition and security! They WILL fall off resulting in major engine damage. If they have nylon tie-wraps, you MUST address this before you use the boat!!! The hoses should be secured with stainless steel safety wire or Oetiker clamps.

    Also, tie the jet pump cleanout plugs together with a rope. That way, if one were to blow out, you're less likely to lose it. New plugs are no longer available from Yamaha. The screw-in plugs that your boat has are far less likely to blow than the newer snap-in plugs, but it still happens.

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    Couple things. Check internal filters for sure. Also have you done a compression check on the cylinders before you go any further? While carbs were out, did you check the Reed valves? The Reed valve cage is made from aluminum, and it starts corroding, and then the Reed pedals no longer sit flush. Also did you check pop off pressure on the needle and seat?

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