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    Nuthin crazy, just a little more.....

    So it's riding season again down here, and i LOVE my 2012 FZR, i have no interest in chopping it in but i would like a little more. A little more acceleration and top speed i suppose, and i don't want to break the bank.

    So my plan is to fit a low boost wheel, a Solas 13/22 and a free flow exhaust to tidy up the rear compartment, my sig below shows my other (conservative) mods and the guys at WORX will reflash my ECU with their latest tune as part of the sale of the wheel to me as my ski has their tune in it already, which is good of them.

    Can i get your thoughts? good idea? bad? prop pitch OK? i'm not after a rear exit, don't want anymore holes in my hull, and i'm trying my best to avoid the slippery slope that is big boost, big injectors, regulators and all the headaches associated with it, i'm just a recreational rider hoping to keep up with mates who have SVHO skis.


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    Sounds like a good plan to me, probably the best bang for the buck. With out going to the bigger injectors, fuel pump ect. like you mentioned the only other upgrade that comes to mind would be a Fizzle Intercooler but that's a pretty sizeable investment. You could get your ride plate modified by Jims performance, most everyone says that's well worth the money. As far as the impeller I would see what the guys at Worx recommend with your set up and target RPM. Best luck.

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