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    85MM 3 degree nozzle on GP

    Is there an advantage to a 85 mm 3 degree nozzle on the GP1800? I have seen it mentioned in a thread or 2 but have not seen a comparison or reason to use it. I have one on my FZ and it worked good for it, don't know if I want to keep that nozzle for my GP.

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    Iíve tried both with the lucky 13 cone and found the stock nozzle worked best with my setup. I found the 85mm nozzle killed cavitation out of the whole but loaded my pump up to much and it felt like I actually lost acceleration. With the stock nozzle and no spacers on the lucky 13 I achieved highest top speed but I cavitated out of the whole but nothing like the stock cone did.

    Other people had opposite results and found the 85mm cone the best.

    My advice is purchase the 85mm 3 degree cone for yourself and test. Itís not overly expensive.

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    I have changeable nozzles on my FZR. Different boat I know but it would pull like crazy on holeshot with smaller nozzles but slow down top speed. After testing the stock nozzle went the fastest. The larger nozzle was a tad slower also. The smallest nozzle 81mm was the quickest to the mid but was also the slowest....

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    85 nozzle in gp no spacers stage two no issues here. I think it may help porposing on holeshot. With all spacers it was loaded up a bit much but with none thats basically all gone. Cavitation is gone too. I think its good to be able to be able to adapt to different conditions. I am mainly going for holeshot and wanted my rpms no more than,8500 ish at all times. I will be running agr tune soon so we will see how that goes but my season is nearing its end now here in md. Probably one month left at best

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