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    Bought a 98 stx 900. Minor issues

    Hey folks. I picked up a 98 stx 900 for 200 bucks yesterday. It does run however it has an electrical problem that has melted a ground wire. My bet is its the stator. Im trying to check it out but I cant find a 98 sevice manual anywhere. I'm also not sure if there is differences between 97,98 99. Etc that would warrant having a 98 specific manual. Anyone know where I can pick one up?

    Also... the gel coat delaminating from the fiberglass under the right foot pad... I'm thinking I can scrape off the old and just paint with new gelcoat. Anything I should know about that if the glass looks ok after scraping?
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    You can just sand and repaint the top with a good Urethane, and color of choice. just look to make sure the glass is not delaminating. I'll check on the manual. I have lots of pdf's somewhere.
    I would open the electrical box and look for a pinched wire or a connection without a boot, and inspect the harness to make sure it hasn't rubbed through somewhere. It's common for the mounting tabs to have come off and the harness laying down in the hull by the exhaust.

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    Thanks for the info. I got the stand built today so. .ill dig into it tomorrow and see if I can find the exact cause. If I can get it running with no issues (which i'm sure I can) I'll post some pics of the gelcoat and see what u guys think.

    Is there anything else that I need to look for before I drop it in the water? Maybe a potential pre installed oil block off or common cracks or some seal that might ler

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    Yes, you can block off the oil pump. I prefer the injection myself. If you keep it, you really need to pull the front cover off and replace the oil pump drive coupling bearings. Also, the oil lines really need to be inspected/replaced and secured properly.

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    I will do that. I have to replace the stator anyway.

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