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    Quote Originally Posted by swan View Post
    Thank you for that insight, martincom. As you suggest, elevating the front of the trailer is a simple process.
    Ten degrees bow up can be more than a trailer jack alone can achieve.

    I agree that elevating the trailer with the jack is a fine idea.

    For my own watercraft I would slide the hull back on the bunks, just enough to bias the balance to the rear. Latch the winch strap, then raise the nose until the ride plate touches the ground (or real close). Then I would rev the engine firmly several times and confirm the water is really leaving the exhaust.

    Good time to drain the hull while it is pointed at the sky

    I would sometimes spray cleaner into the hull, scrub it around, then do the tilt up and rinse inside with a hose. THEN blow the exhaust out and proceed to winterize. Seat off air dry in the sun can be good, prior to storage.

    When all done, a saw horse (or similar) placed under the tongue can maintain the angle and keep the footwells drained. Winch the hull forward as needed to make the trailer stable.

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    Here in MN, if I leave the seat off to air dry in the sun, the hull will be full of leaves and pine needles before it ever dries. So I fold a shop towel in to a square and place it on top of the seat & cargo latches, so they don't latch. This provides some added air flow to dry thing outs and prevent mildew while in storage.

    I wash mine after winterizing and place a broom handle under the trailer tongue to keep it propped up until the water drains/dries.

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    Guys - all great feedback. I have a ray of optimism (albeit reserved) that it could be the fuel.

    I'll check the fuel pump screens posted in the photos and let you know what I find out. Circle back post the weekend.

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    I put a 50 watt incandescent shop light into the hull to make sure it dries out. leaving a seat off around here for an extended length of time is a sure rattlesnake/packrat atractor

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