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    2015 RXT - weird performance issues

    Hey guys - long time listener first time caller.

    I want ant to see if anyone has any advice

    first - my 2015 RXT 260 is still under warranty and being looked at by my local dealer. I understand a similar issue has been addressed elsewhere, but mine is a bit unique.

    Mods - RIVA exhaust, RIVA SCOM

    July 1 2018 - ski wonít get out of its own way. (57 hours on it, fresh fuel 93 octane, normal key, in sport mode)

    It runs flat out in full trim DOWN condition as soon as the trim is double tapped up to full UP condition - loss of power (7200-7400 rpm max) sporadic surging/misfiring) trim back down and it runs OK but doesnít have all the zap it used to have

    to the dealer where they (6 weeks later) replace a 3 hour old spark plug and return it to me to test ride - no change

    back to dealer
    dealer determines its the IBR bucket falling in to the jet - replaces IBR bushings

    back to me for a test ride - no change

    back to dealer

    SeaDoo gets involved (and have been cool all along) and decides to replace cluster and ECU.

    Back to me for test ride - no change

    seadoo is sending a tech down to look at it as they suspect ineptitudenon behalf of the dealership (these guys put 87 octane in it at one point that I had to siphon our for one of my test rides...they told me it calls for 87 - then I showed them of 27 of the users manual)

    so my ski sat in the sun/rain all summer with no enjoyment and Iím relatively pissed because they are putting dings in it, the vinyl is toast, decals are all marred up etc etc etc (mainly Iím concerned about my vinyl)

    has anyone had such an issue? I have 3 videos Iíve taken during each test ride to show what itís doing to seadoo (because Iím paid to diagnose their warranty issues and all...not) I can send to anyone with any advice.

    Ive raised the lemon flag to seadoo because we are 90 days in the shop and I lost the whole summer riding season...seadoo replied with an offer to extend the (so far useless) warranty.

    Anyone have ave any luck replacing a ski? Anyone have a similar issue?

    Oh oh and if you say ďsounds like a fuel filterĒ - I said the same thing to the dealership and they said ďno fuel filter on this skiĒ. So...

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    Well there certainly is a fuel filter on the fuel pump module in the tank but I doubt that is the problem. Are you saying that it is 100% linked to the power variable trim system? Your description seems to indicate that. The VTS is part of the IBR system. I am looking at the 2011 RXT wiring diagram and there really isn't any linkage between the IBR and engine performance except in the gauge cluster and the ECM. There is an IBR function that drops the engine to idle momentarily when the IBR bucket is actuated. I know it is a long shot but maybe the IBR actuator is causing the issue. Could the whole IBR motor assembly be loose and changing the trim is loosening a connector.

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