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    Sticking throttle stuck wide open...kill switch didn't work???

    Well we had quite a scare tonight! Luckily we were.on land.. We started up one ski we have... 1998 GP 760 check oil lines. Well after gunning it a few times....the throttle suddenly went wide open and would not let off when releasing it. We then pulled the lanyard off.. Still going. Hit the kill switch....Still going wide open. Pulled the spark plug wires off.. STILL GOING!!! W e were freaking out! Squeezed the throttle lever a few.more times finally let go! Scary! I don't know why iy.was.Still going with the plug
    Anyway... So you think the kill switch is bad? I do remember last time I ride it i was idling to shore and when I hit the switch it didn't die, then I pulled the lanyard and it died.
    Why would the throttle be wide open like that? Would spraying silicone all around the engine cause it to stick?
    Thanks for any input!!

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    This is a 2-stroke engine, correct?

    Under some conditions a 2-stroke engine can ‘diesel’ - the heat inside the combustion chamber is enough to fire the fuel mixture without spark. So the engine keeps revving as long as fuel and air is supplied.

    To kill the engine under this condition you can apply full choke which reduces the air flow and changes the fuel:air mixture. Or apply full throttle which counter intuitively also changes the air to fuel ratio. Or do both.

    Of course you should check that the throttle plates are actually closing properly when the throttle lever is released. And the idle speed setting is not set too fast (which holds the throttle plates further open).

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