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Thread: Gprxp swap

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    Gprxp swap

    I know this is a very old topic but i picked up a 2001 gp1200 all set up for the rxp conversion. It was gutted but the hull is ready. I got a complete donar ski but im just trying to figure out if i can get a completediqgram of how to do the open loop cooling. I seen a few but the dont show the ports on the exhaust or the one from thewater box ( it came with a 08+ waterbox modified to fit) and it has one port on it and im notsure where that goes. Also its setup for a seadoo jet pump what size prop should i go with.

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    Anybody?? Can i do this without buying the open loop kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike383587 View Post
    Anybody?? Can i do this without buying the open loop kit
    for just a stock setup you dont need open loop, there are a ton of diagrams on greenhulk on how to do it. Jet pump pressure should split off, one side to intercooler, off intercooler to heat exchanger then dump out the transom, second line to exhaust manifold, from manifold to j pipe or equivalent then into water box and out the exhaust. Use the vent hose from your intercooler to dump out from pisser and tee from exhaust manifold to j pipe to dump out the other pisser.

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    I know theres a ton of diagrams but i dont know about hose sizes or how to restrick pressure and if i need toremove the waterpump or thermostat i wanna do it once with not issues

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    im running closed loop on mine with some pretty heavy mods.. running great so far

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