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    Troubleshooting a '03 msx

    Hello all,

    Yrouble shooting a '03 msx 140 and looking for feedback. Recently purchased not working, no real history other than it stopped working in '14, pulled from water and sat until now. 60 hrs on machine, drianed gas, new plugs, has spark but doesnt start. Fuel pump is working, fuel to injectors.

    Readings on red/white injector wires are .18 to .19 and readings off 12 pin are:
    Brown/white brown - .7 ohms, 8v
    Blue/yellow yellow - .5 ohms, 5.4v
    Yellow/green yellow gray - .5 ohms, 5.0v

    Wondering everyone's opinion on these readings.


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    Welcome to Greenhulk!

    A few comments on your readings:

    1)Red/White voltage is a DC Volts reading, should be ~20VDC when cranking
    2) Stator has 5 pairs, this is an AC volts reading (stator unplugged from the EMM) when cranking.
    3) Measure your CPS ohms. (Do you see RPM on the display when cranking?)

    (Your problem could be the EMM, and if so Lakeside Tech can help, but check those things above first)

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    Thanks for the welcome...

    1.) I will recheck the red/white voltage to ensure I am measuring in DC.
    2.) You state there are 5 pairs of readings for the stator, obviously I only provided 3, what are the other 2 color combinations to measure?
    3.) I will verify the RPMs again, but I do believe the display is showing around 300 RPMs when cranking.

    I have never removed an EMM on this type of machine and haven't looked under the cover, that said I notice there are 2 other large harnesses besides the plugs that feed into the EMM. Are these 2 harnesses easy to disconnect to remove EMM?

    Thanks again!

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    The stator pairs follow in a pattern starting with pins 1 and 12, 2 and 11, etc

    The 8 pin connector just has a latch, similar to the 12 pin stator connector. The large 40 pin connector has a 4mm hex screw to remove (its captive in the connector so no concerns about losing it).

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    You must be in MN. I saw this MSX come up on Craig's List. I was interested, but thought the price was a bit high considering. If you don't mind, what did you pay for it?

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