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    Sho to svho conversion

    If to use sho drive line but a svho motor. And sho supercharger

    Is it possible, or what would be needed to convert to a svho?

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    SVHO use 160mm pump gettin the power from the sho lump isn’t really a problem tune, intercooler bigger boost wheel.

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    It all boils down to how much money you want to spend and if it makes more sense to just sell your SHO and buy a SVHO. Once you change the boost wheel, you may have to also add an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Then you will have to start monitoring the AFR's so you will need to add a gauge. As HDAV mentioned, you will need to replace the IC, pump, impeller, intake, etc. It will never be fast enough so you will continue to modify it and spend more $$$. You can easily spend $4,000 between the wheel, IC, Pump, Impeller, Intake, regulator, gauge, and tune...Not including any labor. Also, I believe the SVHO engine has forged internals which I have not accounted for. good luck.

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