Good day everyone.
Im back with another issue that i caused myself due to my stupidity and being unaware of things - im still getting used to owning the jet ski.

it is going to be a bit long post since im trying to give as much information about my current situation as i can to help you guys have and idea of what happened.

I went to the river the other day and put jet ski on water and forgot to close drain plugs on the back before i did that. after riding 10 min fine and then making a stop and staying in one place for about 10 maybe 15 minutes tried to start again and it didn't. Then all of a sudden it hit me that i forgot to close drain plugs.

Anyway it was too late water filled the engine compartment. I got home shortly after drain all the water that was still left inside. checked the oil and sure enough it had water in it too same as spark plugs.

Through the best of my knowledge and google-ing solutions i got my self oil extractor and started draining everything (old oil) refilling with new and then draining everything again until i made sure that oil is clean and clear and no sign of water. I also cleaned/drained/dried spark plug compartments.

At this stage engine starts (not by simply pushing start button but to hold gas throttle a little). and work on idle. it did sound a little jumpy so i went ahead and removed the throttle assy off and cleaned it. Put it back in place. Now the engine doesn't want to start and gives me F1 code - which then led me to CAAR (at least what it looked like on dashboard) code for cam position sensor.

cant stress this enough that i am still new at this and i tried to find out what that sensor is and its location - checked multiple sources and everyone saying different location. I checked everything that involved me taking apart the throttle assy and made sure that everything in place and connected and that nothing is lose or no rusted connections took throttle assy off and back on just to make sure and im still getting the damn code.

I just want to ask anyone for any advice - did i do everything right? did i miss anything? is there anything i could try to resolve this.

Thank you in advance.

P.S. sorry for any mistakes in my spelling (not a native English speaker)