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    TiAL BOV Question

    I've been running Deans stage 2 tune with a Fizzle for 50+ hours problem free. Ski consistently pulls 80+ mph at 8500+ rpm. Went out today and it wouldn't rev past 7400 rpm. Once home I put it on the hose and first checked for any loose/leaking hoses. While doing this I happened to feel around the bov while gassing it and noticed the bov was still open well past 6000 rpms. Since installing this set up I never noticed if the bov closes under boost on the hose because I never rev it that high on the hose. So my question is, should the bov be closing under boost even on the hose? If not, then I have different problem apparently.

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    Might check for a fouled plug or bad coil. That drove me crazy for a short while on my FZ, low boost, high AFR, low rpm and it was a plug. Has happened 2 times in the 7 years I have had my modded FZ.

    These things make so much power its sometimes hard to tell its only running on 3 cylinders until you get to higher speeds and rpms.

    Gassing on the hose doesn't put a load on the engine so you cannot really judge BOV performance that way I believe.

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