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    Compression Tester? VXR , Highly Recommended?

    Howdy, all!

    Can any of you advise “the best for the money” compression tester - ONE THE END OF WHICH ACTUALLY THREADS INTO THE THREADS of the spark plug hole?

    I’m a-huntin’ fer one and everything I’m coming across are ones that have an “o” ring or a “cone” or something other than threads and I guess I must be too old school.

    Another reason I appreciate a specific model / vendor recommendation is because I am not sure what threads the 2018 VXR spark holes are (SAE? metric? And, what pitch?)

    I figure if some of you who already have a brand / model that holds up reliably can advise I don’t need to “re-invent the wheel.”

    Thanks in advance!

    *PS - Hope all anywhere near the track of this b*tch of a storm Florence - and all your friends and families - are safe and sound. As I type this, we are getting stomped on by wind and rain up here in the WNC foothills to the Smokies.

    (We got our VXR off the HydroHoist wellahead of the storms arrival and changed the oil and filter but, I still gotta go back to where it’s stored inside and spray fogger through: 1) the intake / throttle body and then also 2) each spark plug hole. That and bring the battery home with me and hook it up to the DelTran battery Tender for the next long, 7 months - thank heavens for hockey season!)

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    FWIW, I’m looking at this one; it appears the smaller brass ends do have threads on the ends (below the rubber “o” ring) that should thread into the spark plug hole threads:

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