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    MP3 walkie talkie

    A friend was talking to some guy at a boat show and told me about something I'd love to have but can't find at all googling. He can't remember who had it..

    They were ear buds with MP3, nothing special there, but, they were also a walkie talkie with a little press to talk deal and water proof. Basically let you listen to tunes while you were riding but chat to your other half on here machine via the walkies..

    Anyone seen this?

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    Check any motorcycle forum, there are a lot of them. I had one, they work well.

    This should get you started:

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    Oliphant, west side of Lake Huron
    Kinda hoping someone actually had tried one more suitable to use on the lake. The downsides I see on the motorcycle units vary but include, garbage if they end up submerged or, need a helmet to hold the ear pieces or, use a boom mike that will cause issues if you turn your head at 65mph etc etc..

    I'll keep looking

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    Keep in mind that most of the motorcycle units were designed for tough conditions, including rain and winds. I've never heard of any designed for watercraft, so the motorcycle units may be the best you'll find.

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