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    From 4-tec's to a Spark...

    Hey Guys, I'm back....I sold my last ski a while back due to a neck injury, but it's been a couple years and I really wanted to try a Spark, so I went and got a 2018 Trixx. My expectations weren't very high for this 90 HP "plastic" machine, but I figured what the hell. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. The pluses for this watercraft are many..Fantastic fuel economy, Playful, Dry ride "until you don't want it to be", low end grunt, nimble, handling in chop, weight, comfy, no SC, and priced reasonably. Oh... did I mention FANTASTIC FUEL ECONOMY?
    Overall, I love this new ski.
    The only drawbacks I've noticed so far are the teeny tiny glove box, and how easily the hull material scuffs. "and there is nothing for me to paint!" lol, Minor stuff compared to all the good things this ski offers.
    I should have known they were great skis if Q bought some

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    you can still paint it - Plasti Dip

    Glad you like it, it's a hell of a lot of fun

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    sn, I appreciate your taking the time to post your experience; my wife and I bought a 2018 VXR as our first ski , we’re “hooked” now and we are happy with the hole shots and top end it provides us; however; I am jonsing on a 2019 Spark TRJXX for the more a “water dirt bike” abilities for myself and some of our guests (for some of whom the vxr is a bit much). Your post is welcomed additional substantiation that, as another GH member said, “The two should complement each other, well!”

    (Glad you’re back from your neck injury; I took a bar stool over the back of the head that blew out my c4 all the way down to t1 to the point I would require a 4-level fusion which NO credible neurosurgeon would EVER recommend, let alone attempt. As it is I can only sleep in an upright position but, dammit, I can still ride skis!!!)

    (Go Wolverines!)

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