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    ibr Lever

    Seems like I can't win for losing anymore. I was having ibr issues last week with my ski and cleaned the connectors and went to test it today and my wife's ibr failed. Here is my question. The lever felt funny when I backed it off the trailer but it operated fine. Then when she got on the ibr failed in forward. No neutral or reverse, but I thought about how the lever felt strange when I took it off the trailer. The error codes don't tell you much U16A4, U16A5,U0129, and P1661. Basically the manual says it is a circuit failure or disconnected connector. Anyone know if a failed ibr lever would do that?

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    Certainly! The IBR moves to where the lever tells it to, either in forward when it sees throttle movement or neutral or reverse when it sees the left lever. Missing that, forward it goes only. Go into IBR over ride and turn it on, use your VTS up down and see if you can move it into neutral, reverse etc that way to verify IBR itself functions. If you know someone that has BUDS, they can plug in and see if the lever is showing up when moved, this test will show the lever move even if the IBR unit is screwed..

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    Well I went back out and tried that very thing. Put it in override and it would not move. I also took my throttle sensor off the right side and plugged it in to see if that would do something as well. This ibr has less than 30 hours on it. It was changed at 55 hours. I think I am just going to trade them in on new skis. It is very frustrating to get less than 30 hours on an ibr a actuator that costs $1200.

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