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    951 starting problems

    99XPL with a level one kit
    Ran fine 2 weekends ago, trailered home 4 hours and last weekend couldn't get it to turn over.
    Sounded like weak battery, it was a 10+ year old AGM, so I bought a new one and put new plugs in.
    Still the same issue. the starter will frequently disengage and re-engage if I hold it down for any length of time. It almost has a wheezing sound when trying to start. I got it started with some gas in the carb and after that, i've been able to eventually get it running on the trailer a few days in a row.
    Once it's running, it seems perfectly normal - had it on the water for 15 minutes and everything was fine. Warm start ups still made wheezing sound, but started up pretty quick.

    When I ground the plug wires back on the ignition box, it doesn't seem to make the same wheezing sound. Starter is after-market and less than a year old - not that it means that isn't the problem.

    The start/stop button is working - is there anything other than the solenoid and the starter in the equation that would make it have problems starting, but run completely fine?

    Any diagnostic tips are appreciated! Should the voltage at the starter when cranking be the same 12.6V from the battery?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Check for a loose ground cable. While trying to start the battery voltage will normally drop to 11v or so. If it drops below 10.5 then there's a battery issue or a starter pulling too much power.

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    I have a nice OEM starter if you find you need one. Aftermarket ones are usually junk. Thats why the OEM ones are expensive. $100 shipped LMK

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