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    Looking to upgrade before next season

    I'm looking to upgrade before next season. My current ski is a 06 Rxp 215 pretty modified. Needing a 3 seater for comfort bc of some back and knee issues. Leaning towards a 2016 Fx svho or Rxt 300. Was curious pros and cons of both skis. Wanting to add simple mods to reach 74-76mph with me and my wife riding, as well as being comfortable. Heard the 2014 Svho's had chain issues. Were they fixed by 2016? How hard is it to get either ski to 74-76 mph without loosing reliability? Mostly ride in brackish water of the MS coast, with occasional trips to FLA (salt water). Any information is awesome

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    The FX SVHO is a good ski but for 2 up riding we prefer the Seadoo...see my previous posts...

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