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Thread: Dont overfill !

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    Dont overfill !

    I never overfill with gas and have been filling my toys for over 40 years , Today i figured i would get prepared for our outing tomorrow and guess what happened i overfilled my seadoo a 2016 GTI 155 Limited . I knew there was gas in the last section of pipe and figured what the hell so i left it . It was in the shade and i left for a little bit of shopping with my wife and ended up being gone for 5 hours. When we got home we could smell gas. First things i checked were gas cans then it hit me Seadoo and sure enough there was gas on the ground behind seadoo. Now try and find where it was coming from .Finally found were after a few minutes of poking around .
    Just next to the filler there's a few holes so gas came out from the cap and leaked into those holes and then out the side down to that bumper we have on both sides, shiat that little bumper holds lots of gas took me a hour of flushing with the hose to get it all out. Also it's now going to cost me a side decal that faded with all the gas that went on it.

    So be careful guys you can never be too old to learn lol.

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    On the 2 stroke models, there is an overflow line with a one way valve under the bond rail. I have a new 18 RXP and was wondering on these how the excess pressure in the fuel tank is handled. I guess I now know. The overflow should not put fuel on the graphics.

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