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    Polaris SLT 700 "Whine/Howl"

    Hey fellas...

    I had the GF out with me for the last run of the season with both skis (98 SLTX, 96 SLT 700) and something definitely isn't quite right with the 96 700.

    I started out on it in the morning, and I did note a very minor but audible sort of "whine" or even a slight whistle. Everything seemed normal otherwise. Later in the day I swapped for the SLTX - since it's more fun obviously - and rode that the next hour or so. When we got back and I docked it, the old lady was coming in and I could clearly hear something - so I jumped on it and started to head to the boat launch and the whistle I had initially heard was QUITE loud now. As soon as you were into the gas it was louder and louder so I actually limped it over vs. hauling ass to avoid piling something up.

    I'll of course start digging into what it might be - - - but does this sound indicative of bearings going south fast in the jet pump??? It seemed the sound was coming from down and in behind me when riding especially when planed off, and typically when you're going to lose an engine bearing she pretty well just piles up without any growing sounds like that.

    Figured I'd ask and maybe get a good direction on what I'm likely looking at once I tear into it!! Thanks in advance.

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    Yep, usually that funky whining is the pump bearings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myself View Post
    Yep, usually that funky whining is the pump bearings.
    Yep, rebuild the pump with new bearings and seals and all will be right again.

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