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    Seadoo VS Yamaha..3 seaters

    Ok... I have no experience with Seadoos at all... only Yamahas... like.. 1997-2000 GP 760, 800s. I am in the market for a good reliable 3 seater 4 stroke. I am wondering if there are any advantages besides maybe price for having a Seadoo vs a Yamaha? I am on a budget, like around $3000 or less. I dont need a bunch of fancy gagets on it.. just as it can handle around 400-450 lb combined weight of riders that feels and rides stabile, and has reverse, 4 stroke. Would be nice if it can pull a person on a tube (without the second rider on it at the same time). What would you recommend, and what can you say to convince me to get a Seadoo instead of Yamaha? Thanks for any input!

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    At that price point, you buy what you can find irrelevant of brand.

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    At that price you can probably buy a worn out rental unit.

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