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    2013 Yamaha VXR no power other than the battery

    Hi everyone hopefully someone can assist me in figuring out an issue im having with my machine. Recently pulled the motor to put a new piston in. Purchased this machine used only had 11 hours on it.... long story short the guy wasnít the sharpest tool in the shed. Everything is back in the machine, Iíve got power at the battery 12 volts, Iíve put the lanyard in the kill switch and pressing the start button does nothing, nothing lights up on the cluster, no click from started, I was curious if it was be key fob causing an issue but pressing lock and unlock do nothing as well. Any ideas so I can start breaking it down?

    Everything is plugged in and Iíve gone over all the connections, used a test light on the relays and fuses but thereís no power there....

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    You put the battery wire where the starter wire goes.

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    Check your grounds !! (Black) battery cable - runs from the battery to a engine bolt next to the starter.
    The other ground point is that you've plugged the wire-harness plugs near the back of the motor into the earth-plate attached to the rear of the motor.
    Next thought, check the fuses . . . might have pulled them before doing the work.

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    Check your battery fuse. Guy might have hooked up reverse polarity and blew the fuse in the ebox

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