I just bought a used Seadoo. I had it dropped off at my lake after dark. As I drove it across the lake to my house.it worked fine for 5 minutes, then warning lights and sirens came on from the dash. I could barely see them but made it home okay. A few days later i took it out and within minutes the battery light came on on the left, check engine on the right, and every once in a while center gauge would read high voltage check engine.
The dealer is in a coastal town 2 hours away- is it really taking it back?
I did the logical thing- bought a voltage regulator for $45 from the net and a new battery. Last night I opened the hatch but do to time constraints I was only able to change the voltage regulator. And I will comment that it was only hanging loosely onto the the battery cage with 1 twist tie that I could release without cutting!!! So I swapped out the VR, started it up went for a short ride. There were no warning lights, alarms, etc. BUT the PWC did not feel very stable when turning. I know I left the VR hanging loosely and as I am reviewing the youtube videos on battery replacements i notice that the white diagnostic cable that comes off of the battery cage and I believe connects to 1 wire coming out of the VR was hanging disconnected (from the battery cage). Over the weekend i will replace the battery and tighten down the loose cables so they do not hang loosely.
Any ideas about the "HIGH VOLTAGE WARNING"?
Are there a million other problems I can expect?
Thank you