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    Where to start 12 f?

    Newby here. I bought an Immaculate 1 owner 2003 12f with 105 hours 2months ago put 12 hours on it ran great. Idle out from Shore to pull a tube I had no power thought the tube was swamped,nosedived gushed a huge cloud of smoke. No warnings on gauge cluster found out intake was clogged with floating Lake weed cluster. Let it cool a couple of hours checked oil and it seems to run fine at low speeds low RPMs but smokes or steams out exhaust. What to look for? Start with compression test? Thanks for any and all info

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    Welcome aboard, kawisteve!

    I'd start by trying to flush the cooling system by running it on the hose. Remember, NEVER run the water unless the engine is running! Start the engine, THEN turn on the water. Turn off the water, THEN shut off the engine. Running the water with the engine can cause water to flow backwards from the exhaust and flood the cylinders. You can run the engine without water for about 15 seconds.

    Next, I'd pull the strainer off the top of the jet pump housing and clear out any debris. This is a rectangular piece on top of the pump that has two hoses coming out of it and is secured with two screws. You may have to remove the reverse bucket to get to it. I'd recommend replacing the O-ring, as the original may be difficult to get back in place.

    If you still have trouble after that, you may have to work your way through the cooling system clearing blockages.

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    Thanks will do. My weekend priority is set.

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