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    2016 GTR 215 IBR override problems

    I have an 2016 GTR215 with a menu>settings problem. Can't get into iBR override settings. When I try it's only showing the clock settings. I followed the description in the user manual but it doesn't work. Any suggestions?

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    is your fuse tight in the fuse box? Is the IBR wire touching the exhaust? Did you try IBR over-ride to see if it actually works?

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    try the following:
    with the key on and engine off , press and hold the IBR lever. The gauge should then display IBR over ride. you will then need to confirm by pressing the set button. At that point, you can move the gate up and down with the VTS buttons.

    ****Pulll the key off when you have at the position that you want! if you let go of the IBR lever while the key is on, it will disable IBR override!

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