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    Interested in Class Action Lawsuit over NanoXcel hull breaks?

    I have a 2014 FX SVHO with a scratch on the keel. Yamaha referred me to a shop that turned the scratch into a crack after repairing it twice and the repair just falling.

    During this ordeal I started researching and there are hundreds of us with Nanoxcel hull problems. It appears everyone is experiencing the same:
    • Technicians do not know how to fix nanoxcel, and repairs are not holding.
    • Contacting Yamaha generates an automatic response of "contact the dealer"
    • There is no "repair kit" for NanoXcel
    • There is no "repair guide" for nanoxcel (although, Christian at Yamana 800-962-7926 told me to have the dealer call a "Yamaha Corporate Technician" for the info, because Christian in customer relations cannot call them himself).
    I am looking at legal options, if you are in need of recourse due to this defective product and lack of response, reply here we need to start the process.

    Yamaha should have a buyback program or recall process like automakers.

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    My neighbor at my lake house recently loaned his 2016 (not sure what model it is) to someone. At some point his ski and someone else's ski ended up on top of each other. Since he didn't witness it he doesn't know for sure which was which. The couple that borrowed his and someone else's, clammed up and said "something" happened!
    My neighbors ski had two "holes" above the waterline, one below! The other ski had a hole above the waterline.

    My neighbor is like the godfather....
    He's one those guys that "knows" guys. He's the guy to ask who to contact when you need work done at the lake. Its a small town city lake.
    So he takes it to a guy he knows that does bodywork nights and weekends. The body guy had the ski for over three weeks before he find any info on how to repair that crap.
    I'm sure my neighbor and the body guy would love you!! I think he worked on his ski for close to a month before he finally got the sucker finished. I never did find out what he did to repair it. But he did say he had his hands full!!

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    We have repaired our NanoXcel 2 GP1800 hull after some unfortunate rock scraping in shallow waters. The outer layers were pulled away, exposing the fibrous underlying hull material.

    The repair was done early in the summer and has held up without issue all summer. About 2000 miles of riding with the repair, circa 80 running hours.

    It did take take some effort to unearth the correct repair process. We also intend to post a How-to thread with video but have not gotten it done yet.

    The key is to use specific repair materials and process. Specific fiberglass matting, epoxy resin only (we used the West System epoxy).

    to dissolve and wick the waxy material out of the NanoXcel hull material in the affected areas before applying any repair layers. We used acetone and dabbed the wet paper towels against the damaged hull area, repeatedly, with frequent turning to expose clean paper.
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