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Thread: 951 jetting?

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    951 jetting?

    anyone know what jetting to run on a 951 all stock with flame arrestors? last one i did i just riched the the high and low screws a little

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    With Fly's, 90 Pilots and 162.5/165 mains. You never intsall flame arrestors without rejetting...unless you want to sieze a piston. Better rejet the one you didn't...

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    mine with prok/fly
    lows 95
    highs stock
    accelerator pump adjustment screw turned 2 full turns in, its virtually disabled
    low screw ended up 1 turn out and highs just unseated the needle
    on xpl

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    85-167.5 with the accelerator pumps. Back the adjusting nut on the acc. pump adjustment out until it is flush with the end of the screw. This will decrease the pump shot to about half of stock. never loads up, leaves hard, and very safe. 1-1/4 open lows, 1/8-1/4 highs.

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