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    Waveraider 700 Handling Tips

    Hey all - sorry for beating up this old topic, but figured you all seemed like pros so I would ask anyway

    I have a 1996 Waveraider 700.
    Mods: 0, Sponsons are dinged a little (in fact, the back left doesnt have a straight edge, previous owners i think).

    I bout a ride plate for it from R&D. Will this help with stability or speed?

    I have debated putting sponsons on, the facotrys though seem to be hollow plastic, which im assuming helps the backend float. It has considerable squat as is, which scares novice riders, and i am concerned replacing these will make the ass end sink untill gassed.

    What else do you recommend. We know 2 up is squirly, confirmed it with the weight restriction of 300 on this forum. Last summer i was 260, i was pushing weight limit solo.

    So what else do you recommend?

    Also - whats a good way to calibrate the steering? to go straight you havce to turn the handlebar a bit.

    thanks all for the advice

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    check your bottom ,make sure every thing is streight.. the hollow o/e sponsons can be found on ebay every so often .. most here buy aftermarkets as they are an improvement over o/e's on the old school skis..replace these before adjusting trim...
    your thrust/trim is adjustable via the little ball connector at the nozzel..screw it in or out accordingly...
    your rd plate can be improved with a plate cut ... contact jim at performance , carl at island or harry at group k...
    a good grate will improve your raider over the o/e..
    big raider can help you with the large man set up... send him a p/m!!!
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