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    2018 STX-15f noob question


    It was my first hour riding in both calm and a little chop due to the wind. I was nervous since the waverunner was brand new and went through the hour-long break in process.

    Really nice ski, I love it, but I did notice at slower speeds or when slowing down it allowed a lot of water to splash over the bow and into the foot wells.

    I felt like I was sinking but I checked and double checked the plugs and everything before she went in the water the first time and I knew it wasnt that.

    I quickly hit the throttle and the water ran off the back

    Is that normal for this ski??? What is normal for this PWC? Is it supposed to feel swamped?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Tip: Don't slow down

    It is normal for many models of PWC to feel wobbly when the footwells fill with water, and more so when only one fills. The hull won't actually roll over unless you get it sideways in really big nasty waves. As you learned, a quick burst of acceleration while steering straight ahead will empty the footwells.

    If you are a new rider it will take some time to become comfortable with how your particular hull behaves.

    When slowing down, try keeping just a little bit of power applied when slowing. Or reapply a bit of power just as the hull starts to settle. That can help the hull settle down into the water without allowing as much water to slosh over the bow or rush over the rear deck.

    When idling around, applying a tiny, tiny bit of power can raise the bow nicely and reduce the wave splashing over the front.

    It has been a couple of years since I last rode that model but I have ridden a similar hull from another brand for years. The rear deck and nose rub rail are fairly low to the water. I normally stand while riding so it was easy for me to shift my weight rearwards to lift the nose, and I often maintained a touch of power to keep the nose up, and more power when I wanted to empty the footwells.

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    Muttfunds, welcome and have fun with the STX 15f. Great all round ski. She'll handle very easily and is quite predictable. Supposed to be a great hull for the chop, I have read. Plus the naturally aspirated engine is a proven reliable setup without the need of the extra maintenance / costs of the super charger.

    Like you, this '07 STX 12f is my first ski too. I was nervous at first about the flooded foot wells and quickly figured out the short application of power emptied them out.
    Coming off the throttle quickly was a shocker as to how much water came in, from both the back and the front, but quickly got used to it and learned how to work the throttle to try to minimize.

    As K447 explained, it all worked just like that (except the standing up thing. My a$$ has been firmly planted on the seat).

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    I appreciate the great advice. Just reading it makes me feel more comfortable.

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    Very common problem with that hull. Be sure to keep that gas cap secured to prevent water intrusion.

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    Welcome aboard, mutfunds!

    I haven't ridden the STX-15F, but I didn't notice that much water coming in on my STX 1100s. The Ultra 150 sits so low in the water that it's almost like a submarine. Doesn't hurt anything, but it can get water into the front storage locker.

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    Great ski, I have over 300 hours on mine and it runs like the day I bought it home.

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    Pro Tip: You don't own a Waverunner but rather a JetSki, and an awesome one at that. Yamaha is the producer of the Waverunner, but for an all around great JetSki you make a good choice, have fun with it..

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    I may not be right, but the sinking feeling I get, i think, is attributed to the water box filling up when i first use the ski. If you turn the wheel all the way and give it lots of throttle, so you are doing a tight circle, you get lots water over the cowl, too! And ease up on throttle, as suggested helps. Water over the cowl is normal. Just be careful opening the front compartment unless you are at idle, one time error, was enough for me, it fills pretty fast.

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    hey I just picked up a 2018 stx 15f. what range are you getting on a full tank?

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