OK, need advise from you guys who are much smarter than me. I have a pair of 2012 GTX S 155s that have been flawless. Last weekend when launching I got a check engine light and had no real power to get off the trailer. I pulled the key, let it shut down and it restarted normally, faults cleared and I ran all day without issue. This morning went for another 3 hour run and it was crazy claim so we ran the creek wide open. On the way back I crossed another boats wake and ski went into limp mode and a quick message "Module error." I stopped and read the codes and had a C0042 and P1161. Pulled the key, restarted and it cleared and I ran normally for a few minutes and it did it again. After I restarted that time I ran about an hour with no further issues.

So the manual I have says P1661 is IBR fault detected by ECM and C0042 says "Brake Lever Senor open or shorted to ground."

I have replaced the throttle senor on this ski a couple years ago, could it be the brake senor causing both issues. Any ideas how to really test it?

Any help or advise is really appreciated. Thanks.