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    Fault Code C0042 & P1661

    OK, need advise from you guys who are much smarter than me. I have a pair of 2012 GTX S 155s that have been flawless. Last weekend when launching I got a check engine light and had no real power to get off the trailer. I pulled the key, let it shut down and it restarted normally, faults cleared and I ran all day without issue. This morning went for another 3 hour run and it was crazy claim so we ran the creek wide open. On the way back I crossed another boats wake and ski went into limp mode and a quick message "Module error." I stopped and read the codes and had a C0042 and P1161. Pulled the key, restarted and it cleared and I ran normally for a few minutes and it did it again. After I restarted that time I ran about an hour with no further issues.

    So the manual I have says P1661 is IBR fault detected by ECM and C0042 says "Brake Lever Senor open or shorted to ground."

    I have replaced the throttle senor on this ski a couple years ago, could it be the brake senor causing both issues. Any ideas how to really test it?

    Any help or advise is really appreciated. Thanks.

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    Old topic, but exactly what happened to me. C0042, C0073, and P1161. Got it a good 5 times over the course of a day.
    I have reset all my connections for the iBR, but doubt that it has fixed itself. Note: I have replaced the battery to a new AGM one, and has been fine for a month or so, so surely cant be battery related.

    How did you fix it in the end, and did the iBr eventual fail given this happened in 2018?
    Any other tips to fix this issue?

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    Make sure the main steering connector under the handle bars where the top and bottom deck meet isn't getting crushed casing these faults.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davo94 View Post
    Make sure the main steering connector under the handle bars where the top and bottom deck meet isn't getting crushed casing these faults.
    Thanks for the tip. i think the connector under the steering was the issue. i disconnected and reconnected it and tucked it away a bit better so it doesnt get squashed by the suspension, and i havent had the problem in 10 hours of being on the water over a few days. thanks.

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