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    Winterize 300

    Flushing-I have always just used the left (port) side flush port. I run antifreeze through the port until it pukes out the back and shut it off. Has survived -30 winters fine. The 300 is the first ski I've had that has a flush port on the right side too. Should I be flushing there too? I guess that one is for the intercooler. I didn't flush there last year, and I had no freeze problems.

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    I flush both, always better safe than sorry

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    The manual says to remove inlet hose on intercooler and it should self drain if there was any water in there,,i use an air hose w adapter in the left side flush port to blow air out of muffler

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    Mine is stored in a garage in TX but I flushed with the pink stuff on both sides and then blew it out with air. Removing the air inlet hose is a PITA but its just to remove any condensation that might be in there. I had none the first year so not sure if I will mess with that again.

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