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    SVHO sputtering and not accelerating much

    soon as I got on it today when it cranked it was rough idle gave it a little gas but still not acting right. Gased it hard but didnít do much idle very rough. I had a seadoo act a little like this not as tough idle tho it was a tiny piece of wood stuck in impeller.I pulled grate off to see if anything was wedged in impeller but didnít see anything. Any ideas? Iíve still got 2 more years warranty but looking for suggestions. THANKS

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    Spark plugs ????

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    No, stuck throttle body.

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    Maybe this is limp mode very weak rough idle maybe runs 10mph

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    if very rough idle change plugs

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    Dealer swapped plugs said they were fouled bad and said they cleaned the thermostat because it was running a little hotter. BUT they only ran it on hose so I won't know till I get on the water. I can't imagine plugs... it was running better than ever before I loaded it up last time and then only 10-15mph a week later would be plugs??

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