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    More ext pump help please

    Well I scored my extended pump set up from a 99 SLTH. got the pump with reverse bucket, driveshaft, Extended rideplate, reverse cable and handle all for 150.00. Here is my problem. the pump does not have the bilge tubes, I do not want to use an electric pump, so what I want to know is if there is a problem using a short pump wear ring with bilge tubes and a short pump nozzle assy with the ext pump parts? going on the 95 SL 750

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    No problem interchanging the 94 and later parts. Nice score by the way. DO NOT remove the studs from inside the hull to replace the wear ring. Just remove the nuts on the exterior of the hull and swap out the parts. otherwise you may need to align the engine/pump.
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    yes, yuo can use your old wearring and exit nozel, with the pump set up. However I would recomend that you do get an eletric bilge pump. Because if a water line ruptures or your shaft seal starts leaking, it will fill the hull very quickly. I would hate to hear about your engine getting hydro locked because of a water leak and you could not get back to shore. Just cheap insureance.


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    Grab a rule automatic water sensing bilge pump take your old jet pump and install it in the 93!

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