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    i replaced the ones on my honda and experienced what the rest of these guys were talking about. it was a nightmare. the beginning of this season i changed the ones on my 16 fzs and maybe its because they were newer and havent aged yet but i was able to pull them right off in 10-15 min. left no adhesive behind. couldnt believe it. the nightmare with the honda ones was that they used a double sided adhesive film so you could pull the mats off but the glue left behind had a thin plastic film over it so adhesive removers couldnt get to the adhesive to soften it up. i was able to get alot of that off with an eraser tool. i have one for removing decals and stickers on motorcycles and cars. just a rubber wheel which will take off decals, adhesives and pinstripes. they make a mess but well worth the time savings. you can buy just the rubber wheel that you can put in a drill if you dont have the actual tool.

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    ^^^ That's exactly what happened on my FZS. The plastic film left behind prevented solvents/glue removers from working.

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    on my GPR I used a plastic razor blade ( made out of plastic ) and carb very well and was really a pain in the ultra 150 on the other hand just peeled off very I will buy another new ski before I change mats !

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