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    HELP! 04 MSX 110 troubles

    So recently i got a steal on msx. It was stuck in ljmp mode. Unplugged the exhaust temp sensor and bam, full power. On my first water run, i was limited to 6250 rpms so i pulled the airflow sensors. Covered in a green slime. Pulled intake tubes, same thing. While i was working on it and running it on the trailer with water hookup, it cut off. Motor failed to turn back over, oil was mixed with water in the tank. Also water had filled the cylinders.

    My theory is i have a bad intercooler, its filling the cylinders with water and sinxlce water doesnt compress, it pushes past a valve and into my oil. The oil/water then over runs from the oil tank back into breather tubes and coats the whole intake. Before i sink money into it, id like additional input. Thanks!

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    Id also like to mention that its fresh water that fills the cylinders. And i have excellent compression, ruling out a head gasket now

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    Alot of input and research with a lot of good guys on here. Dont chase your tail and read a lot of post on this thread.

    These units have a few simple problems that can be taken care of if you read and follow their instructions. Do not make it harder than it is.

    Chances are the water came from a bad oil tank, chances are your ingestion came from oil tank overfilled or water in the hull and a hard left turn. BTW it will take several changes of oil to remove the water from your oil and suck it up and remove your intercooler and clean it out to remove what was ingested.

    All of these repairs and suggestions are on here and a lot of good information from way back. These guys have helped me a lot and again if you follow their lead you will have it going in no time.

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