Good day; a quick question and then a very embarrassing admission re: resolving carb tuning issue.

On my 93' SL650 ski, can I easily add a gauged temp sensor to replace the original buzzer?

Finally, I have my ski running like a top since I have checked and re-checked all the crabs re pop-off, jets etc etc. I've gone over it so much in the last 2 weeks that I can take the carbs and reeds out and have them back in working order in about 45 minutes. And, I finally have it running like a top!!! It would have been much easier had I remembered that the Lows are low on the carb and the high are high!! late yesterday, I re-read every thread I could find and found one that described the very basics of the Mikuni 38's. How I got my mind confused over this very simple Mikuni carb fact is a complete mystery. I have hereby resolved my stupidity by admitting to you all that I really screwed this one up! Hopefully, it was the 4 years it was in storage and my mind was elsewhere!

Thanks to all. It's really running well.

Feel free to send jabs, I deserve them........

I appreciate everyone's assistance.