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    Yamaha SUV Handlebar

    Managed to break the handlebar on my 2003 Yamaha SUV. Found a couple used stock replacements available on Ebay. Just wondering if there's any more durable options available? Don't need anything fancy. I don't jump waves or do any crazy riding, but the ski is used for running offshore.


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    After some research decided to go with the Riva Pro Runabout 32" bars. Upgrading the throttle and grips while I have it apart also.


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    I know this sounds silly, but why not motorcycle handlebars?

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    Looking on, the SUV uses the same handlebars as the XLT1200 and XL800s of the same year (00-04). There are lots of people parting those skis. Just put a message in the Yamaha classified section, or contact one of the guys that sell parts on this site.


    There's also a bunch of them on eBay in the $35 range.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hammer5312 View Post
    I know this sounds silly, but why not motorcycle handlebars?
    +1, Exactly. I have Pro Taper Mid ATV 7/8th bars on my 05 FX HO. Aluminum, strong, has the center bar support with MX style pad.
    Lots of research went into which bars followed OEM bend, yet offer a little more rise. The mid-ATV style were the ticket !!
    Hey, enjoy it .... one of the niceties about the older skis are the bar mount being pretty much motorcycle. Newer crafts have "V" style bars now - proprietary $$ indeed.

    ... just wanted to throw this info out there, in case someone else runs into this thread.

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    I live close to Riva so it makes it convenient to just grab the parts from them. I didn't want to go with another OEM set for fear of them breaking the same way again. I was about fourteen miles offshore heading back in through a storm when I felt the left bar start to wiggle. I got the new bars and throttle installed last night. I'll take some pics and post them later.


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