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    07 Seadoo RXP 155 4tec starting issue

    I have a long nagging issue and I need some expertise.

    I bought ski with broken piston, had lowe engine and head rebuilt by reputable shop. One new rod, piston, rings, 2 bent valves replaced, new timing chain, bolts, etc. Bought used PTO cover on Ebay as original was damaged.

    When engine was complete it spun over just like butter by hand prior to going into ski. After installing it always started hard. Replaced battery and SBT starter and seemed to work good after that for some time period. Ended up selling ski and worked well for a year or two. I had no idea the buyer had any issues with it until I ended up buying back the ski because it will not start, the starter just clicks.

    Person I sold it to had dealer do work for no start problem, they rebuilt the jet pump, replaced the battery, replaced the power cable, another new SBC starter (3rd one) and still would not or does not start. They said it must be something internal to the engine and at that point the guy was just done with it. I did feel bad but I had no idea it had any issues with it after I sold it to him, and not sure when he had issues as he did ride it for some time.

    When you click the start button it just clicks but does not spin the engine over. Here are the things I checked and am just looking for some other thoughts.

    1.) I took a voltage reading on the battery 12.5v after charging. Tested starter solenoid got 12.5 to battery side post, then with the spark plugs out 10.4v while cranking to the starter side of the post. From what I read that is spot on.
    2.) With the plugs in testing on the starter side of the solenoid post and when it hitting the start button and it would just click once and not turn over, voltage would drop as low as 7-8v. I assume because something is binding the starter, voltage issue, or something dragging.
    3.) When all the plugs are removed it spins over perfectly. When I put my pressure tester on one cylinder with the other 2 plugs out and you attempt to start it just clicks and does not spin over. Doesn't matter what cylinder I put pressure tester on.
    4.) Pulling the oil out of it I don't see any trace of metal shavings.
    5.) I pulled the motor out of the ski, took off the PTO cover, removed the rockers from the head and could turn the motor over by hand with no issues, still smooth as butter.
    6.) I suspected the starter Bendix, had that out and by hand it felt great with no binding. I validated the washer orientation and all looked good. I didn't see what I thought looked like any issues on any of the starter, bendix, or crank teeth.
    7.) The Pump in the PTO cover that goes to the balancer shaft spins freely and does not appear to be damaged or causing drag.
    8.) Misc other things I have checked, reconnected all the grounds to the engine (freshwater ski so no salt corrosion), ran a jumper cable from the battery ground directly to the starter. Removed and reinstalled starter.

    I have a new needle bearing for the starter bendix on the way, and I have a used starter bendix also on the way to try. Read a couple places where people have had odd starting issues due to bad bendix.

    Another thought was, could the PTO cover be wrong for my ski? There appear to be 2 washer configurations for the bendix, one with 3 and one with 4 washers?

    Would appreciate any other expertise or thoughts on what else to try. TIA!

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    When you click the start button it just clicks but does not spin the engine over

    with the voltage you reported during plug out spin you've got an engine ground issue. Voltage below 10 will generally release the starter solenoid

    run a heavy cable from the negative side of the battery to the engine to check

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    I had a similar issue and the timing was off. May need loosen up the cam bolts and move cam timing.

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    I tried a heavy set of jumper cables from battery to engine where the engine removal hook is and it did the same thing.

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    I didn't think there is any adjustment in cam to adjust timing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by onequik1 View Post
    I didn't think there is any adjustment in cam to adjust timing?
    Could’ve jumped a tooth from a bad tensioner. May have to reset it.

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    I removed cam chain gear, put in crank lock tool, put in cam lock tool and reset the gear. Same problem. Thats the pic after reinstalling. For the record it look pretty much the same before I took it apart.
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    I was rereading all your original post and the thought came to me you may have a bad ground somewhere in the wiring to or from the starter/solenoid/battery/engine ect.

    Just something to think about.

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    I think it's a crap starter. Get a good used oem from a forum member or ebay and try again. Even a heavy load shouldn't drop the voltage on a good battery to 7. This summer I put on 3 new aftermarket starters from Jetskiplusllc and all worked just fine. One of those I took off was a Venom starter that was just put on this year.

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