Hello guys,

First of all i want to introduce myself, i am 35 years coming from holland and i bought last week a polaris slx 780 1996.
When i go to make an test ride in less then 5 minutes i noticed that it was not cooling properly because i cant hold my hands on the cylinder.
But that is not a problem, just cleaning hoses, ports, flushing etc.
Is it true that the pwc begin with cooling by higher temp and controlled by thermostat.

Now i get rid of the oil pump and i go place new pistons because they have 7,5 bar and i rebuild the carbs.

A friend of my has an seadoo xp 94 and i love the pissing so i get noticed that the water runs.
I read several topics and posts but i cant find the right answer how to make a properly trust able pissing jet.

Also the thermostat, i read several things.
Should i remove it or leave it in place.
Whats the best opinion, the doubt and benefit.

Thanks for you're time.